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Craving a fulfilling career?

OrderUp could satisfy your appetite!

Our story

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We started as a group of college friends who created our own online food ordering site out of passion and guerrilla marketing techniques. It soon became apparent that our innovative business model could be replicated in multiple emerging markets. Now a part of the Groupon family, we’re thriving in over 55 markets as both OrderUp and Groupon to Go.

We're passionate in our mission to change the way food is ordered and delivered. To that end, one of our core focuses is technology. Our growth strategy hinges on evolving our online platform for both restaurants and consumers and we have one rockstar team leading the way!

Job Benefits

  • L

    Fun Workplace

    Great co-workers. Open space. Nickleback-free environment.

  • 5

    Flexible Hours

    Wake up early, wake up late. You know your schedule best

  • J

    Weekly Meditations

    Gettin’ our zen on

  • I

    Flexible PTO

    Get out of town! Seriously.

  • B

    Casual Attire

    Onesies welcomed

  • A

    Games, Games, Games

    A quick cornhole tourney really takes the edge off, ya know?

  • 8

    Health Insurance

    We’ll take care of your sniffles, large or small

  • 9

    Dental Insurance

    Keep those choppers corn on the cob ready

  • M

    Domestic Partner Benefits

    Put a ring on it (or not!), we’ll do the rest

  • X

    Weekly Catered Lunches

    Like a family dinner, minus your mom’s interrogation about your love life

  • 0

    Ample Couch Space

    For meetings & snoozes

  • K

    Monthly Happy hours

    Because we’re all pretty much besties

  • 7

    Sports Friendly

    Root, root, root for the home team! Or whatever team. No judging.

  • /

    Produce & Snacks Delivered

    Full bellies = full minds

  • h


    Don’t go gray worrying about what will happen when you actually go gray!

  • Y

    Employee Discount program

    Deals on deals on deals on things you love to do and buy.

  • X

    Vision Insurance

    Keep those peepers sharp!

  • Z

    Life & Disability

    Stuff happens. Let’s be prepared!

  • @

    Flexible Spending Accounts

    Have some dollars at the ready when you need them most.

  • 2

    Commuter Benefits

    Plane, train, automobile? We’ll get you to work in one piece .

  • #

    Stock Purchase Plan

    Look at you, Wall Street Whiz!

  • !

    Life Assistance

    For all of life’s little twists and turns.

Meet the team

We’ve come a long way from the days of being two college kids in a Penn State dorm room to a robust company in a 15,000 sq. ft headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Our team is made up of a tight-knit group consisting of smart and innovative designers, developers and business leaders committed to improving the online restaurant ordering industry. Meet the team that keeps it all going:


Chris J.


Jason K.

Jennifer k

Jennifer K.

Paul b

Paul B.

Mark j

Mark J.

Ross m

Ross M.

Oren m

Oren M.

Nick p

Nick P.

Evelina b

Evelina B.

Jaime jp

Jaime J. P.

Nic s

Nic S.

Rachel f

Rachel F.

Doralee c

Doralee C.

Aaron g

Aaron G.

Arina t

Ariana T.

Dan c

Dan C.

Benjamin l

Ben L.

Justin h

Justin H.

Leigh g

Leigh G.

Jonathan v

Jonathan V.

Aman w

Aman W.

Dana g

Dana G.

Kyle e

Kyle E.

Daniella c

Daniella C.

Adam w

Adam W.

Jim a

Jim A.

Emily m

Emily M.

Joshua s

Josh S.

Jason p

Jason P.

Katie b

Katie B.

Andy a

Andy A.

Ryan b

Ryan B.

Alex s

Alex S.

Kristin l

Kristin L.

Ali s

Ali S.

Jon d

Jon D.

John s

John S.

Cory p

Cory P.

Matt a

Matt A.

Scott sch

Scott S.

Mark s

Mark S.

Cody h

Cody H.

Chandler f

Chandler F.

Michelle m

Michelle M.

Tommy z

Tommy Z.

Tyler s

Tyler S.