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Have Questions? We Have Answers!

What’s happening with OrderUp Denver?

Good things! OrderUp Denver is now part of the Groupon family! That means you get all the benefits of the fast, reliable delivery you’ve come to know from OrderUp, but now also with the amazing deals you’ve come to expect from Groupon.

How do I place my order now?

Press the big green button to get to Groupon To Go and order from your favorite Denver restaurants using your Groupon account! If you don’t have a Groupon account, we’ll prompt you to create one when you’re ready to place your order -- it’s easy-peasy.

I also use OrderUp in another city. What’s happening outside of Denver?

OrderUp still operates in over 40 other cities across the US, with new markets launching. If you’re no longer in Denver, enter your address  here to see if we deliver to you.

I have a credit card saved with OrderUp. What happens to that info?

If you do not already have a Groupon account, simply create one and add your credit card. If you are already a Groupon customer, you’ll use the card associated with your account to place your orders in Denver. The credit card on file with OrderUp can still be used to place orders in other OrderUp cities.

Can I still track my orders?

Yes! Groupon To Go orders can be tracked the same way as orders delivered by OrderUp. You’ll see a tracking link as soon as you confirm your order.

How will Groupon To Go orders appear on my credit card statements?

Your transactions will appear as being charged by “Groupon To Go” or “Groupon,” instead of “OrderUp.”

If I have OrderUp credit, will it transfer over to Groupon To Go?

No, but don’t worry -- we’ll take care of you! Please contact togohelp@groupon.com for details.

Need more help? Have more questions?

No problem! There's an amazing support staff at Groupon available 24/7 to help you in your transition. Just contact