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Here’s what our Restaurant Partners are saying about working with OrderUp.

"When I heard about OrderUp, I was very hesitant. Customers asked us all the time about delivery. However we didn’t have the staff or know-how to organize our own delivery service. OrderUp is the perfect fit for Di Pasquale’s. It’s the easiest way to start a delivery service. Honestly, I should have done it earlier.”

Joe Di Pasquale - Owner
Di Pasquale’s Marketplace

"OrderUp is easy for customers. We see higher tickets with add-on of side items that people would not typically order in-house. It's been a fantastic partnership.”

Dave Seel - Director of Marketing
The Bagby Restaurant Group

"OrderUp is a no brainer – it's more money for my business and a better service for my customers. I tell other restaurants to work with OrderUp – it's easy, it increases sales, what more can you ask for?”

Tony Scotto - Owner
Towson Hot Bagels

"Their technology has shown us there is a better way. We don’t have to rely on the old way of phone calls and faxes. Customers really like OrderUp Group Ordering and the Delivery Tracker – these features make us better.”

David Evenson - Manager
Brothers BBQ

"We wanted to make sure that our food would get to customers in a manner that was high quality and fast, and OrderUp met those expectations.”

Amy Vigil - General Manager
The Delectable Egg

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Our Driver Partners

Using state-of-the-art technology, our Driver Partners are able to get orders to consumers more efficiently, resulting in the freshest food. Our community of Driver Partners celebrates the fun, relaxing, and rewarding culture of OrderUp delivery.


OrderUp Driver Partner

“Using the OrderUp app for work is pretty easy. It’s so friendly. It keeps you connected with your job all the time. It makes everything easier, so it is less stressful for you.”


OrderUp Driver Partner

“I chose to drive with OrderUp rather than take another part-time or full-time job because of the freedom that comes with this job. You’re your own boss, you pick your own hours. You just cannot beat it.”


OrderUp Driver Partner

“I love working with the different people in all the different restaurants. It makes my day more interesting, something different everyday. I love it.”

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Don’t take it from us; here’s what our Customers have to say about that #OrderUpLife.

Twitter 1
I hope the future of orderup is expanded all over the world in the next 5-10 years! Its the best idea ever! #orderup
Twitter 8
@OrderUp tracking the driver with my food is better than tracking Santa on Christmas Eve! He's almost here!
Twitter 2
OMG OrderUp now allows us to watch our food delivery guy on live GPS tracking online. #stalking #food
Twitter 9
It's the best app for delivery - search the App Store for "order up" and allow your life to be changed!
Twitter 4
I am the poster child for @OrderUpBmore right now. I opened the door still wearing my tux from last night.
Twitter 5
Can't wait to get some @TowsonHotBagels on a rainy day like today. I don't even need to drive thanks to @OrderUp_Towson
Twitter 6
OrderUp retweeted me that's basically like my celebrity crush retweeting me right
Twitter 7
Here I sit, staring at the OrderUp screen like Gatsby gazing upon the green light on Daisy's dock.

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